Monday, March 20, 2023

NYS Judicial Conduct Commission releases annual report

The New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct has released its 2023 Annual Report, covering activities throughout the calendar year 2022.

Among its latest activities:

• The Commission also rendered 25 public decisions, the most in a single year since 2009.
• Thirteen judges were publicly disciplined: three judges were removed from office, seven were censured and three were admonished.
• Twelve judges resigned and publicly agreed never to return to judicial office.
• Six other judges resigned while complaints were pending, where it had not been determined permanent departure from office was warranted or appropriate.
• Twenty-seven judges were issued confidential cautionary letters.
• One hundred and eighty-seven matters were pending at year’s end.
The Commission is the disciplinary agency constitutionally designated to review complaints of judicial misconduct in New York State. The Commission's objective is to enforce the obligation of judges to observe high standards of conduct while safeguarding their right to decide cases independently.

The Report is available at here. An accompanying press release is available here.