Monday, April 23, 2012

New York’s Second Operation Hang Up Campaign Targets Cell Phone Use While Driving

The New York State Police are conducting a second Operation Hang Up enhanced enforcement campaign.

The campaign targets motorists that use their cell phone and other electronic devices while driving.

The first Operation Hang Up campaign took place over the 2011 Thanksgiving Holiday. State Police ticketed more than 800 drivers during that time period.

This latest enforcement campaign begins today (Monday, April 23, 2012) and continues through Sunday (April 29, 2012).

In 2011, the state Department of Motor Vehicles increased penalties for using cell phones while driving. Violations are now subject to two ‘points’ on a driver's license. Those points can increase a driver’s insurance rates, much like a speeding ticket or auto accident.”

With increased penalties and stepped-up enforcement, motorists who receive a ticket for using a cell phone should consider consulting an attorney to discuss their legal rights before pleading guilty.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Upstate New York Village Latest to Ban Puppy Mills

Seneca Daily News:
The Village of Interlaken is the latest community in upstate New York to ban so-called “puppy mills.”

The law prohibits the construction or operation of any new commercial pet breeder or large-scale kennel facility and halts the expansion of any existing facilities....

[D]ogs rescued from puppy mills often exhibit health and behavioral problems including severe malnutrition and injuries from living an entire life on wire mesh flooring....

The law was drafted by local attorney Steven Getman. It was passed following a public hearing in February and a review by the Seneca County Planning Board.

Monday, April 2, 2012

1.5 Million Credit Card Numbers Stolen

Details here:
The computer systems of a major credit card payment processing company called Global Payments have been hacked, reportedly compromising information on up to 1.5 million credit card account numbers.