Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cayuga County man appeals arson conviction

From the Syracuse (NY) Post-Standard:
A former Ledyard man who was convicted last year of setting fire to his house has asked an appellate court to overturn that verdict.

In his appeal Chad Towsley said he was denied his right to a fair trial for many reasons...

The Rochester appellate court is expected to hear the case in early April, said court-appointed lawyer Steven Getman, who filed the appeal for Towsley. Getman asked the court to overturn the verdict and/or grant a new trial.

“When a defendant is denied his right to a fair trial he should be entitled to a new trial regardless of his verdict," Getman said.

Monday, December 27, 2010

It's the Law: Make sure your dogs have adequate shelter

New York State law requires dog owners who allow their dogs to spend time outdoors to provide shelter appropriate to the dogs' breed, physical condition and to the climate.

By law, requirements for a proper shelter include a waterproof roof, structural soundness and appropriate insulation to protect the dog from inclement weather. The law also mandates that the dog have enough space for freedom of movement and waste removal.

Owners who do not provide such housing are subject to escalating penalties, including fines and possible confiscation of the dog.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Humor: the 5 Most Wildly Illegal Court Rulings in Movie History

From Cracked.com, comes a funny, but informative, article on how movies so often misstate the law for dramatic purposes.

The article has some NSFW language and it attacks a couple of very beloved films (especially one involving Christmas), but it is a nice primer on several interesting legal points.