Monday, November 14, 2022

Schuyler County: Tourism Assistance Promotion Funding Application Deadline Extended

The Watkins Glen Area Chamber of Commerce is designated by the Schuyler County legislature as its Tourism Promotion Agency (TPA) to represent Schuyler County and provide tourism promotion under the New York State Tourism Promotion Act.

The Chamber is responsible for allocating funding and supporting marketing activities that add to the welfare of Schuyler County; including supporting organizations that promote tourism and working with regional partners to bring growth to Schuyler County.

The Chamber will accept tourism assistance program (TAP) applications that support and demonstrate increased tourism promotion in Schuyler County, New York. The source of funding is a portion of the County’s Lodging receipts, and taxes collected on overnight stays within the County.

Applications will now be accepted until 5:00 PM on Tuesday, November 22nd.

Submit the completed digital application and supporting materials to no later than 5:00 PM on November 22, 2022. Applications may be mailed or delivered to the Chamber office at 214 N Franklin St., Watkins Glen, NY.

Monday, November 7, 2022

Second Amendment Legal Update, November 2022

A monthly update, prepared for the Schuyler County Chapter of S.C.O.P.E. NY, a statewide 501(c)4 organization dedicated to preserving the 2nd Amendment rights for the residents of New York State. For a complete copy of this month's report, click here.

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Schuyler County Tax Foreclosure. Notice of Petition and Petition. Index No. 21-21


Please take notice that on 1 November 2022, the Treasurer, County of Schuyler (the “Enforcing Officer”) of the County of Schuyler (the “Tax District”), pursuant to law filed with the Clerk of Schuyler County a petition of foreclosure against various parcels of real property for unpaid taxes. Such petition pertains to the following parcels: [see exhibits A, B, C and D, annexed hereto and made a part hereof]

1. Effect of Filing: All persons having or claiming to have an interest in the real property described in such petition are hereby notified that the filing of such petition constitutes the commencement by the Tax District of a proceeding in the court specified in the caption above to foreclose each of the tax liens therein described by a foreclosure proceeding in rem.

2. Nature of Proceeding: Such proceeding is brought against the real property only and is to foreclose the tax liens described in such petition. No personal judgment will be entered herein for such taxes or other legal charges or any part thereof.

3. Persons Affected: This notice is directed to all persons owning or having or claiming to have an interest in the real property described in such petition. Such persons are hereby notified further that a duplicate of such petition has been filed in the office of the Enforcing Officer of the Tax District and will remain open for public inspection up to and including the date specified below as the last day for redemption.

4. Right of Redemption: Any person having or claiming to have an interest in any such real property and the legal right thereto may on or before said date redeem the same by paying the amount of all such unpaid tax liens thereon, including all interest and penalties and other legal charges which are included in the lien against such real property, computed to and including the date of redemption. Such payments shall be made to: Holley Sokolowski, Treasurer, County of Schuyler, 105 Ninth St, Unit 17, Watkins Glen, NY 14891. In the event that such taxes are paid by a person other than the record owner of such real property, the person so paying shall be entitled to have the tax liens affected thereby satisfied of record.

5. Last Day for Redemption: The last day for redemption is hereby fixed as February 28, 2023

6. Service of Answer: Every person having any right, title or interest in or lien upon any parcel of real property described in such petition may serve a duly verified answer upon the attorney for the Tax District setting forth in detail the nature and amount of his or her interest and any defense or objection to the foreclosure. Such answer must be filed in the office of the County Clerk and served upon the attorney for the Tax District on or before the date above mentioned as the last day for redemption.

7. Failure to Redeem or Answer: In the event of failure to redeem or answer by any person having the right to redeem or answer, such person shall be forever barred and foreclosed of all his or her right, title and interest and equity of redemption in and to the parcel described in such petition and a judgment in foreclosure may be taken by default.

Notice and Petition Ind No. 21-21, In Rem Tax Foreclosure, Schuyler County, New York by Steven Getman on Scribd