Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Law enforcement officials lobby for parole reforms

Fingerlakes1.com reports that "a new proposal would allow police officers to detain parolees who are violating the terms of their release and turn them over to parole officers...The proposal would do three things specifically:
• Create a database accessible to police in their cars that includes information about restrictions, which would include curfews. Release conditions are currently not included in what police officers have available to them.
• It would allow police officers to detain a parolee and turn that individual over to parole.
• It would give parole officials the choice as to what to do with the parolee who has violated the terms.
According to the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, "the push for parole changes was spurred by a number of violent crimes committed by parolees, including the 2014 murder of Rochester Police Officer Daryl Pierson. His killer, Thomas Johnson III, was a parole absconder."