Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Citizenship in the 21st Century: a free online course

Whether you're with her or planning to make America great again, we hope to see you at the polls on November 8th. Before that though, exercise your passion for politics by joining Citizenship in the 21st Century, an online course offered by Keuka College this fall.

This course is open to community members, alumni, and friends of Keuka College at no cost.

Throughout the class, you will:

• Engage in discussions with Keuka College professors and students, as well as academic and political guests.
• Explore themes including the relationship between citizens and government, voting behavior, and current issues such as race, gender, and immigration.
• Debate with students for an intergenerational look at political discourse.
• Examine how candidates connect with voters through social media.
• Analyze the influence of money on elections and politics.
• Understand how campaigns are built and adapt throughout the election cycle.

As the 2016 presidential election nears, take this opportunity to share your perspective. For more information, click here or email community@keuka.edu.