Thursday, May 11, 2023

Schuyler County issues state of emergency over relocation of illegal immigrants.

Watkins Glen, NY (May 11, 2023)--With Title 42 expiring on Thursday (May 11), Schuyler County has become the latest county in New York to issue a state of emergency over the relocation of illegal immigrants within the state, County Legislature Chairman Carl Blowers and County Administrator Fonda Chronis announced Thursday.

Blowers has issued an executive order that places the county under a Local State of Emergency that prohibits municipal programs from housing illegal migrants/asylum seekers. It also prohibits any hotel, short-term rental and motel in the county from entering into a contract to house them, or risk daily fines.

According to Blowers’ order there is reason to believe that these migrants could be transported to Schuyler County, with no reason to believe they will leave. The order finds a potential emergency for the public with the threat of large numbers of people being transported to the county.

The order notes that New York City Mayor Eric Adams has put in place plans to send illegal aliens to other areas and that Governor Kathy Hochul issued a May 9 Executive Order to boost support for asylum seekers. It also notes that Tompkins County, which borders Schuyler County is a sanctuary county, increasing the chances of migrants finding their way to Schuyler County.

The county doesn’t have the appropriate services to take in large numbers of people, especially given its small population, and there is no legal basis to provide services to them through the Department of Social Services, the order states.

Under the order, anyone found in violation of the emergency rules may be liable for a civil penalty of up to $2,000 per migrant/asylum seeker per day, and could be found guilty of a Class B Misdemeanor. The Schuyler County Sheriff is authorized to issue appearance tickets for any violation and the County Attorney may commence civil lawsuits against violators as well.

Blowers has set the emergency order to be in effect for five days unless sooner modified, extended, or revoked, and may be extended for additional periods.

A complete conformed copy of the Local Emergency Order is available below

Schuyler County Executive O... by Steven Getman