Monday, September 12, 2022

Notice of public hearing: Civil legal services in New York

The Chief Judge’s 2022 Hearing on Civil Legal Services in New York will be held Monday, September 19, 2022, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM, at the Court of Appeals, 20 Eagle Street, Albany, NY

Topics may include:

• The impact of Judiciary Civil Legal Services funding (JCLS) on the delivery of civil legal services and the fair and efficient administration of justice in the State courts.
• The current scope of the unmet need for civil legal services by low-income New Yorkers and the funding necessary to provide effective assistance to meet those needs, including costs related to pandemic-
• related modifications to legal services delivery. The impact of adequate civil legal services funding on economic, social, and public health outcomes for low- income and vulnerable communities and individuals, including persons with disabilities, the elderly, veterans, and children.
• The economic benefits to individuals, communities, the courts, and the State from the provision of civil legal services where essentials of life are at stake.
• The cost and impact of a funded statutory right to counsel in meeting the civil legal needs of low-income New Yorkers.
• The impact on the delivery of effective civil legal services due to attorney shortages throughout the State, particularly in rural areas.
• The importance of bridging the digital divide, particularly with regard to remote appearances, to ensure equal access to justice.
• The need for increased pro bono services, law school programs, and non-lawyer programs, including the Court Navigator Program and Legal Hand.
• New or expanded community collaborations among legal services providers, law schools, law and public libraries, health care providers, and clergy.
Live Stream the hearing here.