Monday, January 11, 2021

Blowers Re-Elected Chair of Schuyler County Legislature

Republican Carl H. Blowers, of Montour Falls, was re-elected Chair of the Schuyler County Legislature at its annual reorganizational meeting held Wednesday.  The vote was unanimous.

In other action, the legislature unanimously acknowledged the reappointment of the deputy election commissioners (Kathryn Elkins, Democrat and Kristina Vondracek, Republican),  and reappointed Gary M. Emerson as County Historian.

Tim O’Hearn of Watkins Glen, remains as County Administrator, while Stacy Husted, of Montour Falls, continues as clerk of the legislature and Steven Getman,  of Watkins Glen, continues as Schuyler County Attorney.

The County of Schuyler is governed by an eight-person legislature, headed by its Chair.  Members serve staggered four-year terms.    The legislature, in turn, appoints various department heads to oversee the county’s day to day operations, including the county administrator, county attorney and clerk to the legislature.

The current members of the legislature are James W.D. Howell, Jr., Gary Gray, David M. Reed, Michael L. Lausell, Mark F. Rondinaro, Van A. Harp, Philip C. Barnes and Carl H. Blowers, Chairman.

The next regular meeting of the legislature will be Monday, January 11, 2021 at 6:30 pm.