Monday, August 31, 2020

New summaries on aging and disability law released

The Government Law Center at Albany Law School has released two new publications in its "explainer" series on Aging and Disability Law for state and local policy makers:
• “Adult Protective Services – Autonomy Versus Protection
• “Guardianship for Adults with Developmental Disabilities in New York.”
A news release from the center explains:
“These explainers provide accessible information about the legal protections for vulnerable older adults and individuals with disabilities, two groups making up a significant part of our communities. It’s something that touches us all, because it’s very likely someone we are close to falls into one of these groups….Throughout its history, the Government Law Center has focused on providing law and policy makers with options for reforming existing laws and designing new ones. Our Aging and Disability Law explainer series is our latest contribution to helping meet the needs of this growing and diverse population.”

Prior summaries released were:
• “Healthcare Proxies: Appointing People with the Power to Make Healthcare Decisions for Others."
• “‘Act Now’ Healthcare Proxies.”
• “Hospital Ethics Committees.“
• “The New York State Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs.”
For more on these publications and the Government Law Center, click here.