Monday, June 24, 2019

New York legislature ends session: some of the major laws passed this year

Gannett News service lists the “20 major laws passed at the New York State Capitol this year.” The bills related to a number of areas, including:
1) Abortions
2) Rental laws
3) Marijuana decriminalization
4) Voting law changes, including early voting
5) Sexual harassment, rape law changes
6) Equal pay for equal work
7) Child Victims Act
8) The religious exemption for vaccinations
9) Driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants
10) More Gun control
11) Permanent property-tax cap
12) Immigrants brought into the country illegally as children are now eligible for college tuition aid from New York if they attended high school in the state
13) Eliminating Cash bail for most crimes
14) Gravity knives
15) Climate change
16) LGBTQ rights
17) LLC loophole
18) E-scooters
19) Cat-declawing ban
20) Standardized tests
Governor Cuomo said the new laws make New York the “social progress capital of the United States of America,” while Republic Senator Jim Tedisco predicts the new policies will only intensify the pace of New Yorker’s outmigration to other states.