Monday, February 19, 2018

Latest Efforts to Curb Opioid Epidemic in NY: Controlled Substance Schedule Changes

New York State officials have announced a budget amendment will be advanced to add 11 fentanyl analogs to the state controlled substances schedule and provide the New York State Health Commissioner the authority to add any new drugs that have been added to the federal schedule, to the state controlled substances schedule.

These actions are intended support law enforcement in their efforts to stop the spread of lethal drugs in New York State.

In recent years, fentanyl analogs have been increasingly found pressed into pill form to resemble name-brand prescription opioids, and in heroin and cocaine being sold in New York State. Compared to 30 milligrams of heroin, just three milligrams of fentanyl can be fatal.

There is currently a loophole in state law that has left 11 dangerous fentanyl analogs off New York's controlled substances schedule.

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