Thursday, November 17, 2016

Schuyler County Passes 2017 Budget with 5% Tax Rate Reduction

WENY News:
Residents living in Schuyler County have something to look forward to for 2017. On Monday, Schuyler County officials held a public hearing on next year's budget.

The 2017 budget is just over $46 million, and calls for a tax rate reduction of %5. This means, for every $1,000 assessed property value, homeowners will see about $50 a year in savings.

During the public hearing, one audience member asked if there would be any staff cuts. County Administrator and Budget Office Tim O'Hearn said no. Legislators then passed the budget, unanimously.

The department of largest growth is public safety - something O'Hearn explains is due to increased trends of higher drug activity and arrests.

This is the fifth straight year Schuyler County had a reduction in the tax rate.