Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Notice of Public Hearing: Town of Ovid Proposed Local Law No. E of the Year 2015

The Town Board will hold a public hearing at the Ovid Firehouse, 2136 Brown St Ovid, NY 14521, at 7:00 p.m. on the 9 day of December, 2015 in relation to Proposed Local Law No. E of the Year 2015, Town of Ovid, County of Seneca, State of New York: “A local law Repealing Local Law No. 2 of the year 2015."

The text of the proposed local as introduced is as follows:

Section 1. Local Law No. 2 of the Year 2015, “a local law to override the tax levy limit established in General Municipal Law §3-c,” which local law was duly passed by the Town Board on September 9, 2015, is hereby repealed in its entirety as unnecessary.

Section 2. This local law shall be effective upon its filing with the Secretary of State.

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