Saturday, March 10, 2012

Town Court Goes Paperless

Gannett News:
Five work stations, including the judge's bench, are equipped with a Fujitsu Scansnap scanner — about the size of an old-fashion breadbox — and two Dell monitors.

At [the clerk's] desk, there's an additional monitor as well as an Iomega StorCenter digital file cabinet, small enough that it could be hidden behind a medium-size picture. All of them are hooked up to a trademarked docketing system called the CourtRoom Program, by Service Education Inc., and each has been loaded with an off-the-shelf Adobe software program that sorts, routes and shares, according to the standards [the judge] and [court clerk] developed.

Eventually, everything is channeled to offsite storage and backup through Red Barn Technology Group, based in the Town of Chenango.

Total cost: $4,339.97, which was paid for by a state grant