Thursday, May 26, 2011

Memorial Day: Drive Safely and Avoid Traffic Tickets

With Memorial Day weekend starting Friday, attorney Steven Getman is reminding motorists to practice safe driving habits on New York State roads.

“Memorial Day weekend is a heavily traveled period,” Getman said. “Not only does this increase the chances for accidents, but state and local police will be out in full force.”

Troopers are already are in the midst of the "Buckle Up New York: Click It or Ticket" campaign, Getman noted. In addition, he warned, "sobriety saturation patrols" will be on the roads this holiday weekend looking for drunken drivers.

Other police officers will be keeping an eye out drivers who are texting or talking on their cell phones, Getman said.

“The best way to avoid traffic tickets is to drive safely and obey the law,” Getman explained. “However, if a motorist does get a ticket—or worse, into an accident--he or she should make sure to contact a competent attorney to discuss his or her legal rights and responsibilities.”

For more information on this weekend's traffic safety initiatives, click here.