Sunday, April 3, 2011

New York Creates New Penalties for Cell Phones While Driving

Attorney Steven Getman is reminding New York State drivers that new penalties are in place for people who talk on cell phones while driving.

“Until recently, drivers who used a cell phone without a hands free device were subject to nothing more than a fine.” Getman explained.

“However, on February 16, the state Department of Motor Vehicles changed the punishment. Violations are now subject to two ‘points’ on a driver's license. Those points can increase a driver’s insurance rates, much like a speeding ticket or auto accident.”

In addition, Getman noted some police agencies will place extra emphasis on their cell phone enforcement for extended periods of time. The police say they are doing so to deter distracted drivers.

“With increased penalties and stepped-up enforcement, motorists who receive a ticket for using a cell phone should consider consulting an attorney to discuss their legal rights before pleading guilty,” Getman said.

More information on the new cell phone rules can be found here.