Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Many Families to be Impacted by Changes in New York Laws

OVID, NY--Attorney Steven Getman is urging New York State residents to became aware of recent changes to state law which may impact them or their families.

According to Getman, these changes include the following legislation:
• Allowing No-fault Divorce in New York.
• Revising the New York State Power of Attorney rules.
• Authorizing Family Court judges to issue orders of protection for witnesses in domestic abuse cases.
• Requiring employers to give same-sex couples the same funeral leave benefit for a death in the family as other couples.
• Providing domestic workers with industry-specific protections and labor standards.
• Enhancing protections for consumers in case a health insurer or health maintenance organization (HMO) discontinues a class of policies or contracts.

According to Getman, more information on each law may be available here.

“These new laws, once they take effect, have the potential to dramatically impact several aspects of New Yorker’s lives,” Getman explained.

“As with any laws, persons who believe they may be affected should consider consulting with a qualified attorney of their own choosing to discuss their rights and potential responsibilities.”