Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Drunk Driving Laws Take Effect in August

Attorney Steven Getman is reminding New Yorkers that new penalties for drunken driving take effect next month.

“The state’s new DWI law takes effect August 15,” Getman said. “This law forces anyone convicted of Driving While Intoxicated, even first-time offenders, to equip their vehicles with ignition locks.”

These locks, Getman explained, are intended to make it impossible for anyone to drive drunk.

Drivers will need to blow into a nozzle when starting their cars, Getman said.

Blowing more than a .025 percent blood-alcohol content will lock the car’s ignition. Some models will also sound an audible alarm.

According to Getman, the new law requires the devices in even in the family cars of convicted drivers, meaning that family members will have to submit to the same tests in order to use the vehicles.

The interlock devices are estimated to cost up to $100 to install and then another $70 to $110 a month -- paid for by the defendant -- for a minimum of six months.

“The punishments for those convicted of DWI are severe,” Getman noted. “In addition to fines and jail, the convicted drunk driver can lose both their ability to drive and, in some cases, the ability to travel to and from employment.”

According to Getman, any person accused of Driving While Intoxicated should retain the counsel of a legal professional to insure that they are fully aware of their rights and responsibilities under the law.