Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Attorney Opposes Joint Trials as Prejudicial to His Client

From the Finger Lakes Times (May 6, 2009):
The Seneca County District Attorney’s Office wants to try siblings William, Stephanie, Justin and Brandon Meacham of Seneca Falls and Angela Wheeler of Waterloo together, along with Marvin Snyder of Seneca Falls, Stephanie Meacham’s boyfriend.

During Monday’s court session, lawyers for Brandon and Justin Meacham did not object to consolidating the trials.

But lawyers for the other defendants did, saying a consolidated trial would hurt their clients, whom they claim have different issues and defenses that merit separate trials.


Steven Getman, Wheeler’s lawyer, said his client has no prior criminal record. He said statements her brother, William, made to police are vague about her involvement and could be prejudicial.


Getman said the fact that some attorneys oppose consolidation and others don’t shows there are conflicting defenses.

“That itself seems to show why a joint trial could be unduly prejudicial,” he said.