Saturday, April 25, 2009

New Passport Rules for Canadian Travel Coming Soon

OVID, NY--Attorney Steven Getman is reminding upstate New York residents that new federal laws regarding travel to Canada will take effect in slightly over a month.

Beginning June 1, all U.S. citizens ages 16 and older will need to show either a U.S. passport book, a passport card or an enhanced driver's license when traveling to and from Canada.

The changes are part of the Department of Homeland Security's 2008 Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, Getman explained.

Passports, which are valid for 10 years, cost $100 for those 16 and older and $85 for those younger than 16.

Passport cards cost $45 and are valid for 10 years, while an enhanced driver's license costs $30 on top of a normal driver's license fee, and is good for eight years.

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