Thursday, May 1, 2008

May 1 is Law Day

Since 1958, our nation has set aside each May 1 as Law Day, to celebrate “the principle of government under law."

Locally, the Seneca County Criminal Justice Advisory Board and the Friends of the Three Bears are commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of this important event by staging a number of events throughout the county.

In the morning the Criminal Justice Advisory Board will assist local high school students with a review of the local legal system:

Students will accompany attorneys, judges, police officers and other government officials during their day to day activities. They will be able to observe court cases, police activities and other functions of the legal system.

Later that evening, the historic court complex in Ovid, New York, known as the “Three Bears,” will host a “Tribute to the Judges.” During that event, members of the legal community and others will discuss some of the history of the old courthouse and the judges who presided there.

More information on each event can be found by clicking on the links above. For information about the history of Law Day nationally click here.